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Inheritance Claims


Disputes can start small but can grow rapidly and they are always an annoying distraction for companies and can be the most important thing that is happening in your life.

Penderlaw will not underestimate the effect the dispute will have on your life and our dedicated team offers a fast, professional and cost effective service to help you manage your dispute as smoothly as possible.

We can also help get your issues resolved through mediation, which is faster and less costly than formal court proceedings (in appropriate cases).


If you feel you should be the beneficiary of a will but you are not, you may have a claim against the estate. The law in this area is complicated but our experienced team know how to get you results. We can either obtain your rightful inheritance or at least get information for you, which will help explain what has happened. Peace of mind counts for a lot.

If you are a beneficiary of a will but you do not feel that you will receive all you need, or are entitled to, then you may have a claim.

If someone you are close to has died without a will, please discuss this with us. The intestacy rules can be very unfair and it is possible to do something about them.

You need specialist advice so speak to the experts.

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Clinical Negligence


Family & Matrimonial


We have many years of experience of this area of work. If you have suffered a medical accident you will know how traumatic it is. Because we have acted for many patients, we handle your case with sympathy and understanding.

We always fight hard for our clients but we are realistic. We have won multi million pound claims but we treat all our clients equally. Please talk to us today if you think you might have a claim.


It’s never easy coming to the decision that a marriage or long term relationship has come to an end. At Penderlaw we understand how overwhelming dealing with practicalities in the wake of a relationship breakdown can be and we are here to help.

Our aim is to give clear, fast and practical legal advice to ease your decision-making process during a time of emotional upset. We recognise that it is vital to deal with family matters in a sensitive, cost-effective and reasonable manner.

Whether you need a divorce, dissolution of a civil partnership, advice on a separation or help reaching an agreement about your finances or children, our friendly and dedicated team will guide you through the process.  

Personal Injury



We understand and appreciate how devastating it can be for you and your loved ones if you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. If you have received an injury whilst at work, in a road traffic collision as a passenger or a driver or in any other way we are here to help you. We understand that some injuries can completely turn your world upside down, at Penderlaw we have an experienced team who will be happy to handle your claim and carefully guide you through the legal process to obtain damages that you may be entitled to receive.

Contact us if you think you may have a claim.




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