Wills & Inheritance Planning

When you have worked hard over a lifetime to build up your savings and assets, it is worth making sure that you are able to pass on as much as possible of it to your loved ones, rather than to the tax man.

Our experienced team will work with you to create a will or a lifetime trust tailored to your individual circumstances and aims. This means we are able to offer cost effective and straightforward documents which will ensure that you will pass as much as possible on to your loved ones.

Without any tax planning it is possible that 40% of your estate can be subject to a tax charge.

However, there are several exemptions which enable the amount of tax due to be reduced but unfortunately, many families are unaware of this and so don’t make the most of the exemptions which apply to them.

Much like making a will, many people simply find it very uncomfortable to even discuss the issue of inheritance tax and put off the discussions until the last moment.  When left to the eleventh hour, it can sometimes be too late to make much of a difference.

If you want to ensure as much of your assets and saving go to your loved ones rather than to HMRC, it is incredibly important to start talking about it and speak to a solicitor about creating a plan for your estate.


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